Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life is Greyt!

As I write, Pumpkin is curled up in my lap and Goosey is sawing some logs upstairs :)  I spent last week learning the basics of my new "trade" at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Florida.  The course was was amazing to meet other people who have similar thoughts on and approaches to treating sore/stiff/injured/neurologic dogs than the traditional "rest and medication" theory.  One of the girls who has a greyhound was sporting a "Life is Greyt" T-shirt with a greyhound asking for belly rubs...definitely made me smile :)

Life is rolling along well for both of us.  We're out running a lot more these days, which Lucy is appreciative of!  Lots of "squintervals" on the Wednesday morning run this week.  This weekend is "biking boot camp" as we're aiming to do the 260 km long citizen's race at the Tour of Flanders on April 3rd (my b-day!  It'll be epic...especially if the weather in Belgium lives up to its reputation in early April!)  How better to spend Valentines...on a trainer with the love of your life, watching the Oly's with the lure of a nice glass of wine at the end (great recovery drink, I know!)

So many blessings to be thankful for....awesome critters, friends, and family in our lives (in no particular order!), being able to run/bike/swim and love it, and for me, some Florida sunshine in the middle of winter!  Whee!  No plans to become snowbirds, though...unless snowbirds start to head to Spain :)

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