Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Typical (or not!) Tuesday...

A rather fun morning today! Tuesday means a no work day for Heather (woo hoo!)....so even MORE time to try and keep up with our awesome border collie x blue heeler, Lucy. The day started with a 2900 m swim. Put a pull buoy and paddles on me and I can FLY! Which means, being able to sit on Andrew's feet. I have no hope of staying in contact when swimming without "toys," but give me big hands and WHEE!

The less typical part of the day....getting our marriage license! Though it is just a piece of paper (a rather expensive one at that!) it was pretty fun to get :)

Keeping up with Lucy so far has involved a 1 hr country walk with stick throwing. Fortunately, there is no hope of outrunning her for a stick, so why try? A cute little baby 'coon wandered across our path and up a tree....very curious little fellow! This afternoon will be time for keeping up with Pumpkin the cat. This will undoubtedly involve a nap. And maybe some snacking :)

Have to rest up for keeping up with Lucy tonight...a tempo run....likely with a few "squirrel drags" to boot. These involve Lucy spying a squirrel and then giving full chase, with me on the other end of the leash. Great interval training of sorts!?! We don't call her the "GPS" (aka - Goosey Propulsion System) for nothing!

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