Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beach Running = FUN!

Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful here in London. A perfect chance, we figured, to head out to The Pinery on Lake Huron for a beach run. We'd read an article which suggested that barefoot is how we are "really" supposed to run....off to the beach to test the theory! Of course, Lucy's thoughts on the matter were something along the lines of "well duh...I run barefoot all the time!" Give us time to build up callus like her pads and we'll be laughing!

1.5 hours of running along relatively deserted, beautiful beach made us happy, giggly (well, Heather anyway!) and ready for some lunch!

Lucy, of course, was still full of boundless energy and insisted on playing "stick" in the lake for another hour (who can keep up with that?) She only decided it was time to pack it in when full body shakes began due to the cold water....

Home to dinner....Andrew's first attempt at cedar plank salmon on the BBQ was a smashing success. Hmm. There appears to be a bit of a food obsession in today's post :)

The aftermath of the barefoot run experience...very sore calves! It took a bit of hobbling about on Tuesday morning to encourage tight little muscles to lengthen out. But definitely an amazing experience and one which we hope to repeat soon.

For all of our Saskatoon buddies out there....Monday was one of those "epic windy" bike ride days out here! It was a little reminder of what riding in Saskatchewan can be like. I had the day off, so went for a spin mid-afternoon. After 15 minutes or so into nasty headwind I was starting to wonder if I had no fitness or if it was just really THAT windy. A quick phone call to Andrew [at work! I truly did feel a bit guilty :) ] to check on wind conditions... hearing "gusts of 55 - 60 km/h" on the other end of the line made me feel much better about things! Time to pray that the wind direction wouldn't change, keep pushing ahead, and dream of the tailwind home.

Happy week to all :)


  1. I don't think I got to meet K Pump! She's gorgeous. Loose is still a goose I see.
    Love the blog. Such a nice way to keep up with you guys--there's always the dreaded Facebook... :) kvk

  2. Hey!
    Sure glad you enjoyed the Pinery. I used to go there as a teen -MANY years ago. Not to run barefoot - but swim and enjoy a day off the farm. Clue: in the 50s and 60s. year --- not temp. Dave Gast