Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wedding Photos!

Hi all! Some fun news...our wedding photo gallery is online! The photographers (HRM Photography) were an absolute pleasure to work with (right down to putting doggie treats on the camera lens to get Lucy's attention)...we'd definitely recommend them to anyone!

You can look through the gallery (all 500 photos! Yikes!) by going to and scrolling through the wedding galleries to "Heather and Andrew." It's all alphabetical. Actually, our engagement gallery is still there too, further down the page. The username is your e-mail address; the password is "Hanik."

Hope all is well with everyone! Happy Wednesday to all :)


  1. I don't like technology...I can't get in to see the pictures!!!
    PS When can Lucy tire out Rosie again?

  2. Hmm...the link is working for us...let us know if you still can't get in! Lucy's good for a play date anytime on the weekend!

  3. Gorgeous pix you two! You are a very attractive couple!!

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