Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seriously Amazing Salad

Mmmm...we're in the middle of cooking up our take on a salad that we discovered one lunch in Paris. We read about "Relais Gascon," a restaurant in Montmartre that was known for its big salads...a great find! Here's our take on their recipie...amounts of each ingredient are whatever is on hand or desired on the day :)

-mixed greens
-corn kernels (ideally, fresh off a cooked cob)
-beets (roast at 450 F for 60 minutes, then remove skins and chop)
-shredded carrot
-fried potatoes ( up with olive oil and salt)
-fried egg(s)
-shredded hard cheese (currently using asiago)

For dressing:

-olive oil
-balsamic vinegar
-salt and pepper

One of the many fun things about being in Spain and some parts of France was eating amazingly good salads which weren't "disguised" by flavoured dressings. Often, the waiter would bring cruets of olive oil and balsamic to the table for us to make our own dressings (along with salt and pepper)...yummy :)

Happy cooking to all!

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