Friday, May 1, 2009

Keeping up with.....the local wildlife

A wise man once said that the success of a run is judged not by time, distance, or effort, but by how many critters one encounters along the way. Maybe we've got the quote a bit muddled, but oh well :) Two very cool "wildlife runs" to report:

The time: Friday morning, 7 am
The place: Komoka Provincial Park
The objective: Trail run
The critters: two deer, one racoon (unceremoniously treed by Lucy), and one very cool wild
turkey in the middle of the trail!

But, even cooler was yesterday's encounter....

The time: Thursday morning, 6:30 am
The place: Byron (our subdivision, in the city!!!)
The objective: Hill repeats
The way cool critter: A gorgeous red fox, carrying a squirrel, trotting down the sidewalk.

Happy weekend to all!

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