Monday, June 1, 2009

How to Skin a Cat....and Other Randomness

We're back in action after a hard-drive-crash-induced hiatus from blogging. Yay! We thought that we'd start with an instructional lesson on how to properly groom a cat....

Step 1: Locate cat. In this case, a willing K-Pumpsie, who LOVES to be groomed.
Step 2: Pick a grooming tool. We use the "Furminator"...worth its weight in gold (or fur!)
Step 3: Remove all fur.

Step 4: But still has a full coat of fur! And a new "friend!" Perhaps the K-Pump should be groomed more frequently....

Tee hee! The things you can find to do on a long weekend when laid up with a cold. A couple of weeks have passed since then and the new pet (aka - the pile of fur) is growing its own tail and is starting to show basic signs of intelligence. Scary!

Lots of other fun randomness to report! It is now easier to "keep up" with Lucy on runs thanks to the "Buddy System" leash. It encircles the waist and saves the left shoulder from being pulled out of its socket upon sight of a squirrel. Brilliant!

We both raced the Milton tri this past weekend and were pretty thrilled with how the day went. A great visit with friends the night before helped to set the tone :) A bit concerning on race morning was the fact that the air temperature was cooler than the water, but a climb up 6th line hill at the 5th km of the bike helped us to warm up quickly. As far as placings went, we were both happy to finish 3rd (Andrew) and 2nd (Heather) in our age groups. Moreover for me (H), I actually enjoyed a triathlon for the first time in a very long time and my body decided to cooperate with me! Sweet! Next up is Muskoka tri in 2 weeks...we'll see if we hold up over twice the distance :)

And on a culinary note....interesting things to munch on in our house lately have included fiddleheads (great in stir fry with tofu and mushrooms) and scallop salad (super easy! Pan fry scallops with some garlic; serve over a bed of spinach, strawberries, pecans, watercress, and asiago cheese; drizzle with balsamic).

Happy eating, training, and living to all...


  1. Is that hair for real? K-Pump is a beast!

  2. Ya, that all came out of one cat, in 15 minutes!!!! And we even groomed her a tiny bit the day before!