Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In just over 2 days, I get to marry Andrew. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world :) He is amazing as is our life together, and I can't wait to celebrate with friends and family (furry and less furry)!

A huge goal for me was to make it to the day without being too tired out or stressed. I'm finding that a bit harder than I thought it would be, as it gets a bit hard to turn the brain off sometimes :) The tummy flu and 3 days of not eating this past weekend didn't help either. But all is well, and I can't wait!!!!

The past couple weeks have been really cool...lots of neat moments which have left us feeling very loved. Fun visits with some of our good friends (Emily, Mike S, Andrea, and Mike N - THANK YOU!!!); the chance to spend time with my parents who live so far away (sorry about the tummy flu wrecking our Father's Day dinner plans, Dad!); and some seriously unexpected and wonderful gifts of love from some special clients of mine at work. And there are still 2 days to go!

Some very close friends get here tomorrow...cannot wait to see them :) More follow on Friday, one arriving at 12 am on Friday!

There have been a few unexpected bumps along the way, the biggest besides the flu being that Andrew's road bike (the one that is coming to Spain and France with us for honeymoon riding bliss) decided to break while riding last Sunday. We figured that it would need to go back to the Cervelo dealer (which it did).....and were pretty worried it wouldn't come back in time. But thanks to Paul at Cycles London, all will be dealt with well before we leave. A total blessing in disguise...if it had happened while riding in Europe it would NOT have been good.

So...the dress and suit are ready; the programs are printed; the flowers ordered; the people arriving; the "ring dog" is prepped and pumped....and our hearts are bursting with love and happiness :)


  1. Ahhhhhh! I didn't realise it was happening so soon! How exciting. Congrats to you both. You are both such wonderful people--perfect for one another.
    Post pix please!!!

  2. Thanks, La :) We'll do some pix posting for sure!

  3. so excited for you two!! All the best on your wedding day!! Can't wait to see you all dressed up!