Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spotty Dog Meets Stripey Skunk

It was bound to happen sooner or later....two long years had passed since Lucy Goosey encountered her first skunk. She got off pretty lucky that time, as the skunk was in underbrush and she didn't get a "direct hit." A bath in hydrogen peroxide/dish soap/baking soda quickly remedied things.

Enter Stripey Skunk. Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in London, and The Goosey and I were out for a great playtime in the country. Lots of swimming, walking, and a great roll in something dead (the dog, not me!) And then it happened. Stripey Skunk was wandering around, minding his or her own business, when all of a sudden Spotty Dog entered the same airspace. I didn't see the actual incident, but heard a very alarmed bark and looked over to see Spotty Dog in all sorts of bother. Direct nose hit. She immediately started shaking her head and trying to rub it on the ground...what followed next was an amusing mix of trying to comfort her and get her to run back down to the pond to soak her head. About 15 minues of swimming/sticking her head in the pond mud seemed to help greatly...and she didn't even smell too bad by the end of it all!

Methinks that our run on wedding morning should perhaps be in town rather than on the trails...just in case Stripey Skunk happens to be out again. Though a skunky ring doggie would get everyone's attention :)

Remember, all dogs and humans alike...DON'T PLAY WITH THE BLACK AND WHITE KITTY!


  1. No black & white kitties here! Hard to describe that smell to people. There is nothing like it!