Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running Doggle...

Forget "running man"....our little running doggle Lucy is quite the star these days. My (H's) parents whipped her into shape for us while we were in Europe, with multiple frisbee sessions each day and lots of walks. Frisbee sessions are, to adapt a quote from our friend Andrea, "intervals on crack." [editor's note...the original quote, "Kentucky Fried Chicken on crack" was used by Andrea to describe the yummiest duck dinner EVER on our last night in Paris! More to follow when we actually get back on track with the trip blog!!!] Anyhoo, thanks to her frisbee sessions, Lucy is running like the wind these days. It sure helps my leg turnover when I've got her attached to the other end of the leash :)

Andrew and I are aiming for a fall marathon...it has been a while since his last marathon, and I've only ever run one and have some seriously unfinished business :) The great meltdown (time and heat wise) in Chicago 2007 left me feeling pretty unsatisfied, so I'd like to erase that with a good run. Miss Lucy is a star training buddy for us!

So, life right now is consisting of running, some riding for fun (and to try and keep the great fitness we got riding the big mountains across the pond), normal day to day stuff, and some extra work for me (our other vet is on holiday for the month of August...back next week. Yay!) We're loving the remaining days of summer...it is gorgeous here right now, though there is a slight chill in the air at 6 am now. On a random personal note...being married to Andrew rocks :)

Trip blogging to resume next week...no, really :)

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