Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Spot in Spain!

And so begins our after-the-fact blog chronicles of our amazing honeymoon in Europe! We flew out of the Toronto airport on July 10 (and got to see the Airbus A380 parked at the gate as we taxied...huge plane!)

After a few hours between plane transfers in the Charles de Gaulle Airport (which provided us with our first "pain au chocolat"...croissants with chocolate filling that Andrew might almost kill for!) we arrived in Barcelona. Car rental took a while, even though it had all been set up over the internet. Or so we thought. Anyhow, we wound up with a compact VW minivan-type-of-thingy which served us well in the following couple of weeks. Off we headed to find the farmhouse that we were staying at. After about an hour of driving, we came across this gem of a town, much of which dates back to the 12th century. We didn't stop as we were beyond exhausted, but there was NO way I'd leave Spain without going back to see this place sometime during the week :)

We pulled into "Can Cruanyes," an incredibly beautiful stone farmhouse about 35 km from Girona and in the middle of countryside and were greeted by roosters and the neighbour's dog. We can't remember her name, so decided to call her "Esmeralda," or "Ezzy" for short. Ezzy soon became a good buddy, especially when we were cooking dinner :)

We ventured into Tortella, the nearby town, for dinner and were amused by the spoon-shaped streetlights. Off to bed after dinner....as climbing the Col du Tourmalet for our first rendezvous with THE Tour de France lay ahead for the next day!

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